Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock

The outstanding follow-up to the massive hit anthem 'Punk', 'Rock Your Body Rock' is the latest release by Holland's trance headline Ferry Corsten on prestigious UK label Positiva. The original limited teaser release for this track being back in August 2003, the single has been breaking recently UK Single Charts at number 11 and Dutch Music Industry record for most hits on UK Single Charts by a Dutch artist.

The hammering distorted bass line of this song, together with a nice long breakdown, a superior screaming synth and a haunting vocoded vocal, makes this track an amazing combination of rock elements, with a sinister form of dance music. Ferry's drawn on influences ranging from the discordant guitars of The Clash through to the proto-electro of Gary Numan. The result is a simply original.

The vinyl version contains three first class remixes from Azure, by Paul Maddox from Tidy Trax, the world wide known legendary artist Moby and from the break beat wizard Rennie Pilgrem. Ferry delivers this massive track along with remixes from different dance genres, not only trance, but house, hard house and break beat, proving once again that he's one of dance music's most electrifying and innovative talents.

Track list:
A1 Rock Your Body Rock (Extended Mix) (6:50)
A2 Rock Your Body Rock (Moby Remix) (6:15)
B1 Rock Your Body Rock (Azure Remix) (7:08)
B2 Rock Your Body Rock (Rennie Pilgrem's Hum Mix (Edit)) (6:18)

Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock






February 9 2004


February 25, 2004 at 3:19 PM CET


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