Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Yunus Guvenen Mix)

Early 2000, London, the Bedrock label saw the light of day, its first release being the progressive track entitled 'Heaven Scent' by Bedrock duo themselves, John Digweed and Nick Muir. The track has received massive support from DJs all over the world, probably being in all finest record boxes, being nowadays an anthem of the progressive genre. For years later, the prestigious UK label celebrates its 50 release, deciding to bring the tune to the forefront once more. And therefore, Yunus Guvenen, one of the best producers of the last year, has been put in charge of reinterpreting it.

Does he do a good job? No doubt of that. Yunus combines his essential sounds with the melody of the classic tune, building a stylish remix. Starting with the same well-known uplifting synths covered by some skillfully break beats, the track gives a positive feeling. The breaks maintain the rhythm very well, till the presence of the main breakdown is felt, with its smooth and delicate melodies. Then as soon as the silence disappears, the heavier bassline comes in, making the track more moody, before the delayed breaks from the first part are finishing off with more overwhelming melodies.

Yunus Guvenen has fetched a superb remake of the original track that started all for Bedrock, quite different then the other mixes or even the original. The Istanbul based producer definitely has demonstrated his clever brand name.

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Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Yunus Guvenen Mix)






December 15 2003


February 19, 2004 at 3:53 PM CET


Andrei Rusu

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