FUSE Presents Technasia

Top Belgian Techno club FUSE, founded in 1994, already released some quality mix compilations on the 'Fuse Presents...' series, from the likes of Dave Clarke and DJ Hell. This time is Charles Siegling's turn, one half of Technasia, to compile the disc. French DJ and producer, Siegling has played in Fuse regularly and he is much respected for his unique three deck mixing style, aiming to deliver on this mix CD pretty much the sound that he plays at Fuse and in general, but that you can also listen to at home. Being mixed using the great Pioneer CDJ100 CD player, the compilation gathers 38 tracks in 70 minutes, combining hard techno with more housier material like Basement Jaxx or Eddie Matos and some Chicago old school booty stuff. The starting track is a pretty nice funky techno production from Waxmaster, followed by Renato Cohen's remix of Chris Liebing's 'Waiting for the rain' and as we go down, the rhythm becomes more heavier, darker with Renato Cohen's 'Abelhas' and Jeff Mills's 'Scenario'. The pumping funky style from the beginning in again carried on with Disco's and Dj Funk's tracks. Gene Farris, Andrew Richley and Ryan Rivera together with some unreleased productions of Technasia are spicing this beautiful cocktail CD, adding hard acid drums and percussion on it. Having the ability to put together so many tracks on just one disc, Siegling has managed to compile another high quality release for 'Fuse Presents...' series, a must have for every tech head.

1 Waxmaster - Bounce It Baby
2 Chris Liebing - Waiting For The Rain (Renato Cohen Remix)
3 Nick Holder - Make U Mine (Roo. Remix)
4 Hispanic Syndicate Empire - Obscure
5 Eddie Matos - Dance Beats
6 John Thomas - Jacks
7 Basement Jaxx - Flylife
8 The Hayden Andre Project - Tribal Life (Bang D-Drum Mix)
9 DJ Julien & Gonzague - Basic Voice
10 CZR - Chicago Southside (Mazi´s Disco Dub)
11 Len Faki - Figure 1.1
12 Charles Siegling - Untitled # 1
13 Lester Fitzpatrick - Warp
14 Chris Anderson - Rock Freak
15 T.B.C. (2) - Goodbye Earth
16 Kalpa - About Time
17 Chris Anderson - Rollin'
18 CZR - Structure
19 Erik Travis - Beat Drum
20 Keith Tucker - Alien Radio (Version 1)
21 Black Noise - Nature Of The Beast (Technasia's Kalila Mix)
22 Ignition Technician - Ergonomix Loop
23 Vice - Damn
24 Renato Cohen - Abelhas
25 Jeff Mills - Scenario
26 Disco - Lemme See You Work
27 Charles Siegling - Untitled # 2
28 Black Noise - Nature Of The Beast (Technasia's Bonus Beats)
29 DJ Funk - Pump It
30 Technasia - Cyclone
31 Planetary Assault Systems - Atomic
32 Damon Wild - Waves
33 Joris Voorn - Missing / 04 Rephrased
34 Aural Emote - Hightime
35 Gene Farris - Vegeta
36 Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera - File Transfer
37 Static Drum - External (Technasia Remix)
38 Technasia - Fusin (Short mix)

FUSE Presents Technasia


Music Man Records


MM CD 022


September 06 2003


November 22, 2003 at 2:17 AM CET


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