Nathan Fake - Outhouse

Nathan Fake is the latest achievement of Holden's Border Community label, a 20 year old young man from Norfolk, UK. His debut release and second of Border Community, 'Outhouse', has been making rumors for a few moths now and has been very popular on dancefloors around the globe, being featured also on the latest Balance 005 compilation.

The 'Main Mix' starts up with eccentric drum percussion setting the installment of the deep acidic bassline that follows. The droning effect of the bassline, together with soft melodic synths and an uplifting vibe, makes the track to roll on to the first breakdown where the melody goes solo with some chilly effects in the background. As the beats return, the track is becoming more cheerful, with a wonderful upbeat tempo and more evocative melody. Another smaller break drops the bottom end out and slivers everything down for a fine outro, ending this truly demonstration of style.

The 'Fluffy Mix' is an ambient, softer approach to the track, starting with some quirky claps and beats, then bringing the harmonies closer and giving it a glistening groove.

The last mix is 'Beaty Tool Mix' which has some tight cut up loops, providing the acid bassline of the original mix and thumping percussion, the main melody making a very short appearance.

With this great debut onto the production scene, Nathan Fake has proved his undoubted talent and his amazing skills, making us expecting for much more in the near future. And for Border Community also the future is bright as forthcoming are productions from The MFA, Avus and Petter, also featured on Balance 005 by James Holden.

A1 Outhouse (Original Mix)
B1 Outhouse (Fluffy Mix)
B2 Outhouse (Beats Tool)

Nathan Fake - Outhouse


Border Community


02 BC


November 10 2003


November 18, 2003 at 2:14 PM CET


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