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One of Germany's finest Techno imprints, DJ/producer Chris Liebing, named as Best National DJ at this year's German Dance Awards delivers his debut album 'Evolution', taking the prospect to bring in the concept of existentialism into techno. Having only released until now only 12''s and mix-compilations, he started to feel the need to express more with his music, than is possible to do with only a 12" vinyl and together with his his studio partner, Andre Walter, he started to work on tracks for the album about one and a half years ago. Parts of this crafted journey into dark and twisted sounds of techno are based on the speeches and theories of Professor Stephen Hawking.

By the opening intro, called 'Two and A Half Billion Years', a dark atmosphere is set with the tribal drum-beats of an ancient religious ritual, warning then in the 'Prologue' about the state of an over populated world in 2600, when "the world population will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder and the electricity consumption will make the earth glow red-hot". In the following seventy minutes Liebieng portrays the imminent apocalypse. The mental discovery kicks off now with an industrial groove and cinematic power which goes down in a fine manner to the sound of the 'Manic Times Square Preacher', telling us about the 'Fires of Hell'. At that time, the CD erupts into brutally Teutonic techno, turning entirely into the dark side, with frightening baselines of 'Fires of Hell', the driving bass-drum of 'Paradox Behavior' and the spooky voices that speak of an 'Intruder' that will send a shivers down your spine. Then a build up of energy begins, the hammering bass is taking over with the next two tracks, 'Natural Selection' and 'Random Process', tracks that are addicted to extensive progresses. The sound of 'Two Many People Talking (not enough doing)' creates a dissonance of thousand conversations happening at once n, setting the tone for the journey's climax expressed in 'Disorder and Chaos'. The conclusion is shown at the end of his 'Epilogue' when the same mechanical voice from the 'Prologue' says knowingly: "Evolution will go on, even without us." The final bonus track gives a much lighter perspective on the album and it ends without leaving you with a depressive vision, suggesting that in this gloomy world there is still hope.

'Evolution', the essence of the album, is rather a trip to not only Liebieng's own musical roots, but mainly to one of his main interests: the evolution of mankind, he always being very interested in the origin and development of the universe.

01 Two and a Half Billion Years
02 Prologue
03 Soulseek
04 American Madness
05 Golden Age
06 Manic Times Square Preacher
07 Fires of Hell
08 Paradox Behaviour
09 Intruder
10 Natural Selection
11 Random Process
12 Too Many People Talking (Not Enough Doing)
13 Disorder and Chaos
14 Dark Matter
15 String Theory
16 Epilogue

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Chris Liebing - Evolution






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