Global Underground 025 Toronto - Deep Dish

US'es leading progressive duo from Washington Ali 'Dubfire' Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi, aka Deep Dish, delivered thier second mix CD in world famous GU series. After 'GU 021: Moscow', released in 2001, this double CD pack offers some very good tunes with various of beats and drums for different moods. The mix was recorded in Toronto back in December @ the Guvernment Entertainment Complex, club in front of a 6000 ppl.

Disc One:

The first CD is a proper house mix of some nice funky beats and dark twisted deep grooves, having electronic beats combined with Arabic influences. Not really the prog style you are used to hear from Deep Dish, that's because the discs are compiled with different purposes.

The first track is the Deep Dish Numb Life Remix of 'Diamond Life' by Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee, featuring the beautiful vocals of Julie McKnight, which has some funky and mood lifting beats that will certainly get you in the groove. Following is Sultan's 'Nightvisions', having a similar powerful voice, those of Stephanie Vezina.

Another track that has to be mentioned is the Samio B acapella version of 'Rezin', a track by Sultan & The Greek. If you aren't by now, this tune definitely will put you in the party mood with its melodious beat and great vocals. The mix go down well, with danceable songs like 'Sacred Dance' by Electric Mood, featuring the Melanie's vocals, and the great styled remix by John Creamer and Stephane K Mooney's 'Doves' (I'll be loving you).

Disc Two:

If first disc doesnt got that progressive sounds of Deep Dish we are familiar with, the second one break the silence, introducing the dark grooves straight from the first track, Way2Tite, a very nice uplifting vocal progressive tune by Situation 2wo. The latest collaboration between Sasha and Junkie XL, a great tune called 'Breezer', comes in to play with its guitar sound and goes more into the deep prog side of things. Follows Sander Kleinenberg with 'Work To Do', feat. Miss Bunty flashing back to early house. Forward, the sounds of the young Dutch producer Matthew Dekay, with a track called 'Lowriders Part 1', Miro with his 'The One I Run To' which track brings you a clubby sound.

Then Phil Keran's tune 'I Love You' takes you into a more pumping techno style and this sound keeps up to the end of Disc 2, with tracks like 'Break Them Up' by Youngsters and the 93 Returning remix of big hit 'Nothing' by Holden & Thompson.

Global Underground 025 Toronto - Deep Dish


Global Underground




June 02 2003


August 8, 2003 at 1:08 PM CEST


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