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What happens when a record label combines 24 artists from 24 different areas worldwide, resulting 24 different approaches on electronic music? This is what the Great Stuff record label aimed for when has released the Great Summergames Stuff compilation. 24 anthems by 24 artists from 24 different countries to support their national teams at the Olympic summer games in the Chinese capital Beijing. This is the concept behind the second Great Stuff compilation (after the successful Great Carnival Stuff earlier this year).

The first part from the compilation introduces the listeners into a Tibetan atmosphere, with Sascha Weisz (as Megablast) and the Vienna based artist Marcus Wagner-Lapierre (as Makossa). The track Tibet consists into a moody electro-house work, with various modulations of techno; a good track for the dance floor. Syria comes with a solid tech groove and some mysterious short strings, from the up & coming producer Amir. While Iran is represented by Namito with a pretty good minimal techno track, the self respected Italian talent Danilo Vigorito gives sense to the first part of the compilation, with an excellent techno production representing Italy. The French producer Etienne de Crecy follows the new wave of electro, representing France with a proper bangin' electro tune, while Swen Weber represents Germany with a cool electro piece of work. The veteran artist Tomcraft follows with a melodic electro-house track, called Bavaria, pretty good as well. Ireland is Fergie's work, and Belgium brings the local hero Ramon Tapia to deliver an extra cool dance floor tune.

Judging by the variety of styles, this first should be as interested as the second one which is anticipated, delivering tunes from countries such as Iceland, Romania, Portugal, Australia, amongst others.

The second part of the compilation is a real challenge, especially if you take a look at the track list, where you'll discover some talents including Steve Angello, Rui da Silva, Lützenkirchen, Atomic Hooligan and others. The second CD starts with Tokio Black Star representing Japan. Even if the Japanese electronic music scene is really hot right now, this track doesn't promise as much as other Japanese artists are. Rui Da Silva's recently different approach is a real success, as his track called Portugal speaks for itself – a coolish minimal techno tune, with a strong accent on the powerful rhythm. Gus Gus delivers Iceland in not such a common optimistic way, while Lützenkirchen probably is one of the hottest producers on this second compilation; he brings Cuba, an intense and sever electro-house tune with a strong attitude on the dance floor. Swedish House Maffia hero Steve Angello is no longer stranger with the smashing dance floor tunes, as he delivers the excellent Sweden piece of work. The Romanian project Ok Corral, consisting in local artists Vania, Midy and Thornado, represent Romania with a cheery and optimistic track who takes care of the listener's mood. Atomic Hooligan is England's best, while Greg Churchill delivers New Zealand, an aggressive tune which works perfectly on rested minds. Lucca ends up the second CD with Czech Republic, a good track for dancing.

Various Artists - Great Summergames Stuff


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July 03 2008


July 10, 2008 at 3:18 PM CEST


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