John Digweed - Transitions vol 3

Digweed reached the third volume of the acclaimed Transitions mix CD series on Renaissance. For this volume, he edited all the tracks, in order to make them work together as a whole. In just a few words, the British based artist promises Transitions 3 to be the best volume from this. Is it so?

Enter the word "digweed" in a Google search and you'll definitely find a lot of pictures, biographies, praises, fan club websites, lots of comments on message boards etc etc. This means Digweed is a great man, at least a great man in the electronic music. A man who doesn't really follow the music trends, who doesn't really care much about the minimal hype, who still fills up every club where he plays in.

When there's such a big promotion campaign, with loads of quotes from Diggers himself, you're expecting the best from him. But actually, his third Transitions mix is not the best from the series. No, not at all. Comparing with the previous mixes on Renaissance, this volume is just the second on an hierarchy. It starts with the freshly based project COMA, made up between Sasha, Barry Jamieson and the Spooky duo. Shortly, the Marc Marzenit track raises from nowhere, combining a smooth progressive house rhythm with soft melodies. The up and coming producer Sweet n Candy saves the atmosphere with a nice tune, but you can't even hear when a track is fading in and out, because of the excellent technique. Even if the start wasn't Digweed's best, the musical selection from the half of the CD is getting better and better: Paul Ritch, Christian Fischer, Joel Mull, Einzelkind, Chaim and other good producers. Despite the excellent mixing technique, you're still able to hear the massive Josh Wink's remix to Someone Else - Lowdown Brittle. One of the best choices from the compilation, so far. Gui Boratto also delivers a good remix to "Silverlake Pills", a track made by Adam Freeland, one of GU's veterans. For the very end, the mix brings Umek in a melancholic mood with the track Ricochet Effect and finally, Guy J ends the compilation with "Save Me".

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John Digweed - Transitions vol 3






September 24 2007


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