Yositoshi Miami - mixed by Cedric Cervais

The term minimal has become so wrongly used, that sometimes you are scared to say about a track that it is or it isn't minimal. The proof that minimalism has touched everyone is the new compilation Yoshitoshi Miami , mixed by Cedric Cervais.

French, Cedric Cervais was a resident DJ in famous places from Miami, like Nikki Beach, Crobar and recently Space. As a producer he has worked with Dirty Vegas, Second Sun and has remixed the work of artists like Duran Duran, Lenny Krevitz, The Shapeshifters, Sander Kleinenberg, John Creamer and others.

His mix has 13 tracks, a part being unreleased like Darius & DJ Da feat. Tina with the track Good Vibration, which opens the compilation, or DJ Remy & Roland Kilkenberg with the track The Detroit Track. The mix is fast and very clear and it combines different electronic music styles. It becomes interesting once we hear some familiar voices, voices that have haunted us during the night in clubs. It wired that we now hear them in a more elegant way. We can also find some of Cedric's remixes and also two electro and progressive productions signed by Eddie Amador. The CD ends with the track The Detroit Track mentioned above, leaving the end for Chab's The Dub Session, in remixed version by Smith and Selway.

A fresh mix; this is what there can be said about Yoshitoshi Miami compilation. If we take a deeper look, Deep Dish's label has managed once again to retain its customers who wish to listen to music produced by Yoshi, a brand that doesn't need an introduction.

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Yositoshi Miami - mixed by Cedric Cervais






April 2007


June 9, 2007 at 7:17 PM CEST


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