Fabric 35 - Mixed by Ewan Pearson

For someone who sees himself as a producer first and a DJ only a long way behind that, Ewan Pearson is doing a pretty good job at playing records for a living. With this mix for Fabric, he has released two commercial projects in the space of two years, more than some of the world's most established DJ's have managed to do in their whole careers.

But, his talents as an inventive and respected producer have meant that he is in high demand both on record and behind a mixer. The advancement in DJ technology and the application of programmes like Ableton Live has allowed producers, like Ewan Pearson, to showcase their record collections in both a functional and inspiring manner that may not have been possible through traditional DJ techniques. It was evident on his acclaimed Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi mix for Soma, released back in 2005, and it is evident once more on Fabric 35. This mix may lack the variety of Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi, but it more than makes up for it with a far greater dancefloor profile, with darker and deeper techno workings.

It is really nice to hear a mix that contains sustained periods of club techno that side steps sparse arrangements, instead preferring a wider and fresher spectrum of sounds. Pearson infuses the mix with a liberal supply of vocals, and apart from the weak display on the opening track 'Ali McBils' from Jahcoozi, they compliment the underlining grooves. Nottingham's Leftroom Records inject some darkness as the mix takes off, with Marc Houle remixing Marc Ashken with more warmth that we have come to expect from his productions.

Ewan Pearson's application of vocals is most convincing when Konrad Black's superb mix of 'Honeymoon's Over' by Snax drops. Things develop soon after with intense peak time ryhtmns from Lee Burridge and Andy Page on AA. The mix naturally subsides from this high with the melodic qualities of 100 Hz and 'Trustlove'. The simple but effective arrangement on this record sits somewhere between the high tech soul of Derrick May and the deepest house from Derrick Carter, and as you can imagine is simply sublime.

The intensity is never far away and returns courtesy of Laven and MSO before sequential innovation of the highest order commences with the electronic 'Plastik'. Simon Baker's finest production to date expertly weaves with the hugely underrated producer Samuel L Sessions, with Ewan Pearson selecting 'Can You Relate' from an impressive recent catalogue on Klap Klap. Paris The Black Fu, from the excellent Detroit Grand Pubahs, continues his good lyrical form fresh from Deetron's mighty 'Afterlife'. The techno surge is extended thanks to the inclusion of Johannes Heil's 'All For One', modified with great effect by Tobi Nuemann for Klang, as Ewan Pearson continues to experiment with the technology available.

Fabric 35 - Mixed by Ewan Pearson


Fabric Records




June 16 2007


May 28, 2007 at 3:23 PM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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