Christian Smith & John Selway - Transit Time

Techno music can be associated with a lot of things, starting with drugs and finishing with pure art, depending on cases. In this case, I would say that what these two guys named Smith & Selway have created is a pure madness, in a good sense of the word. But the surprise comes from the remix, made by the legendary Ali Dubfire, one half of Deep Dish. So let's analyze the tracks, step by step.

First one is called Transfer Time, the one which also got remixed by Dubfire. The original is quite simply, transforming techno into minimal. Instead of a pure 100 % electro bass line, the producers have chosen a simple bass line, adding some abstract musical elements on a simple composition. Not the best track from the EP, but it sounds amazing on the dance floor.

If you wonder whether if you should test the Coming Stomr tune or not, the answer is yes, you definitely should!. Continuous, sick and twisted, the kick line is one of the top elements from this track, which is more a tech-electro tune than a minimal one. The atmosphere which the tune can create is mind-blowing, especially if it's being played on a mature sound system.

Do you remember those classic Deep Dish times? Well, Dubfire is not anymore on that path, especially if we speak from the production point of view. His remix for Transfer Time totally changes the entire perspective of the Deep Dish music. Maybe this is just an experiment, a test? Doesn't really matter. Just play this track to your friends without telling them who made it. They'll have a surprise 100 %. Just a few words to describe it would be sick (also), techno, minimalist bass line, continuous grooves and an overwhelming precision of each synth.

Totally recommended, this EP is just a taste from the debut album which will be released in September this year. Stay tuned for some more Christian Smith and John Selway material.

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Christian Smith & John Selway - Transit Time


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June 25 2007


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