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Matthew Herbert has been producing music for a few years now, more exactly starting from 1995. He has released his materials at record labels like Phonography, Style Disques, Tresor, Studio !K7 and others. In march, Matthew Herbert has released the "Score" album, a fine selection of tracks used for movies also. But how did a producer get to compose music for movies?

He is not the first, nor the last who electronic music producer who makes music for movies. Some even act in movies, if their talent allows them to do it. On Matthew Herbert's album we talk about jazz, classical, experimental, ambiental, piano. This seemes to be very far from what the pioneer of house music has used us to.

The movies he has produced music for Vida Y Color (2005, directed by Santiago Tabernero), Le Défi (2002, directed by Blanca Li), The Intended (2002, directed by Kristian Levring), La Confiance Règne (2004 directed by Étienne Chatiliez) and some short films like Nicotine (1997), Indiscretio (2005). The album begins with the track Funeral, included on the soundtrack of the movie "Vida Y Color". It a music tipical for a movie and if you listen carefully, you can even create some images in your mind and make connexions between the sounds and the images. If you are an imaginative person, interpreting this track and the entire album becomes extremely easy and offers you a large range of possibilities. Two tracks of this album, Blood and Hair and Bull and Cloth have finaly been refused for the movie Manolete.

Film music or home music, this album is released at a record label that doesn't use to release such materials. But considering that we are talking about Matthew Herbert, it is accepted.

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Matthew Herbert - Score






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