Lazy Fat People - Pixelgirl EP

Lazy Fat People, which is Mirko Loko and Ripperton, are two of the most famous electronic music producers of the moment. After becoming very well – known with the EP released at Border Community, the two have recently released 'Pixelgirl EP' at Carl Craig's record label, the legendary Planet E.

The EP has three tracks, one better than the other. There aren't to many times when you find all the track on a EP good. Most of the times, there's one track which is noticeable, and the rest are there only for filling. But it seems that this rule doesn't apply to all cases.

Club Silencio seems to be one of the most melodic tracks of this EP. After it keeps in suspense for about two minutes with an abstract rhythm, the appearance of the melodic line transforms the track in a valuable jewel. Simple, but in the same time complex, this track can be found on mixes from the Border Community crew and on a mix of Carl Craig.

Pioneer is the perfect word to characterize C2 considering all he has done for the electronic music. Especially knowing that he has started up the Detroit techno genre. His remix for Pixelgirl doesn't sound very similar to that old Detroit techno, but it has an intensity that explodes towards the end. Seems like it is composed of two different parts.

As in what the original version of Pixelgirl concerns, here we have an electro bass line , which increases the listener's attention. This is one of the most danceable tracks, but in comparison to the other two, it is the weakest. There is no perfect music, there is only music that can change your perceptions and everything you knew and thought until then about electronic music.

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Lazy Fat People - Pixelgirl EP


Planet E


PLAN 65289


February 26 2007


April 24, 2007 at 6:58 PM CEST


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