BT - Emotional Technology

BT, on his real name Brain Transeau, a very popular DJ and producer, will release this month his fourth album called "Emotional Technology". The album, released at Black Hole Recordings, originally appeared in 2003 and we are now talking about a revised version with two CDs. The first CD has 9 tracks from the original album and also 4 new and unreleased tracks. The second CD contains remixes for some of the tracks.

Some of the journalists categorized this album as having "music for the masses", but actually BT managed to create a mainstream album which is surely representative for the dance music scene and also very well produced. BT himself says about the album: "It's a huge leap forward for me".

The tracks are mainly electronic, but with many influences from drum and base, break bit and even rock. BT didn't chose to go for a specific musical gender with this album, he tried to get together tech-house, techno, electro and even down tempo. For some of the tracks, BT is also the vocalist, together with Rose McGowan, Scott McCloud, Caroline Lavelle, Karina Ware or Jan Johnson.

As I was saying at the beginning, the album has some unreleased tracks in number of four. The Meeting of A Hundred Yang, Kimosabe, The Revolution and Love In The Time Of Thieves. The first three have a visible drum and base influence, while the last one is more of a techno track. It has to be mentioned that the album is very well produced, the technique is excellent and the sounds just mix together perfectly. And that is actually something that doesn't surprise us very much when we are talking about BT.

BT - Emotional Technology


Black Hole Recordings




March 2007


March 18, 2007 at 3:26 PM CET


Bianca Balan

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