Balance 011 mixed by Luke Fair

The series of the Balance compilation continues. This time, for the eleventh volume, the guts from Balance chose Luke Fair to be the master of ceremonies. Luke Fair is a DJ and producer based in Canada. This isn't his first compilation. He has also mixed Original Series 3 at Bedrock or In House We Trust 3 mixed together with Desyn Masiello.

The compilation has two mixes like EQ Recordings used us. The first CD starts slowly and warm, with an ambient from Voom Voom and the track Vampire Song. In the first part of the mix we get a slow house, with a low tempo, so the listeners can easily catch the atmosphere. Nothing is sudden, nothing is forced, but also nothing is too special, if you are in search of club music. We find here house and funky house and artists like Wamdue Project, Hypnos or Mitsu. This CD is perfect for listening in a pub or at the sea side in the morning. In the second part of the mix, the music becomes more fresh and rapid. In some places we can find some progressive house and even some electro. Here we have productions like Amphytrion from Tiger Stripes, Burnin' from Kinka and a remix produced by Ruhig Brauner for Robag Wruhme's KTB. With the last two tracks the atmosphere starts to warm up and we find here that Luke Fair how he is when he mixes live. Nightriders with the track Getaway and Tom Novy with an instrumental of the track Unexpected. All in all, the first CD is perfect to listen at home or in the car, but just occasionally because otherwise it can become annoying. In a few words, this first CD is house, funky house, , progressive house, warm, perfect for the summer, friendly and flexible.

For the second CD, Luke Fair starts with two masters Alexander Kowalski and Joris Voorn who together produced the track She's Worth It. Time and Space is the second track produced by Francois K. This is a track that grows the intensity built until now. If we scan a little the mix, we can find a remix of Ian Pooley and later on another remix signed by Elextroworld mix for the track Playing with Fire. After some electro at the middle of the set, the mix comes back to its initial form and continues to amaze with the musical selection, but also with the way the tracks are arranged. This second mix is surely better than the first one, especially if we consider the energy it gives.

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Balance 011 mixed by Luke Fair






April 23 2007


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