Ministry of Sound Sessions 12 - Mark Knight

Mark Knight is a dance music producer we've all hard of, even if we like electronic music or not. It must be said from the beginning that Mark Knight is a producer that goes mostly with the mainstream, but so does the record label that released his compilation, Ministry Of Sound, so everything matches perfectly.

It is true that at first sight, you might be a little skeptic in what concerns Mark Knight's sound, but after you start listening the first CD you realize that it has a more mature and evolved sound than the one we were used to. So this means, he might have been in an inspiration mood.

The first CD opens with the track A New Reality, produced by Mark Knight himself, together with Martijn Ten Velden si E-Man. Those who are more into deep sound will surely be thankful to the DJ when they will listen the remix of Dennis Ferrer, for the track Love Can Damage Your Health produced by the famous project Telepopmusick.After that comes a new production of Mark Knight, I Like That, a calm and warm electro-house. The atmosphere starts to warm up with Shlomi Aber's remix for the track Couldn't Love You More, produced by The Factory. The mix continues to build up an atmosphere similar to the one in the club. The ninth track can be described at least as interesting considering the melodic line it has. The producers are D Ramirez and Mark Knight. In the end the mix closes discreetly with Drug Music, an acid electro, produced again by Mark Knight. Also in the end there is GusGus – Moss, a spot of light and melody.

Ministry of Sound Sessions 12 - Mark Knight


Ministry of Sound




March 12 2007


March 16, 2007 at 11:31 AM CET


Beat Factor

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