Nantek - The Digital Monkey

The latest release from Paul Lancasters' Fragile Recordings comes in the form of Nantek - Digital Monkey. In a world of forgotten genres' and unoriginality, it's always nice to hear a fresh sound. At half way between electro-breaks and tech-house Nantek are certainly that. With five options, I better get started...

The Original Mix with its pulsing baseline and 90s stabbing techno synth work brings me back to many a memory. The arrangement in this mix is very tight and flows as you would expect, keeping it interesting until the bitter end.

The play between elements on the Anti Climax mix has reminiscences of a Bruce Lee movie, gently pushing at each other to create an ensemble of erratic co-existence. The drum line is almost a reverse of the original, with the stabs and effects dulled down using a low cut-off creating an all more dub feel.

The Antitdote Mix is my favorite of the lot with more than a slight nod towards artists like Jeff Bennett and Jay Tripwire. It's the first of three dub-styled takes on the original that would still work on the dance floor. The grooviest of the five.

The All Points North Mix strips the beats down to a sultry but steady grind while keeping enough BPM to work. Introducing more acidic elements, it twists like a melted curly wurly plodding knowingly into a recently cleaned carpet.

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Nantek - The Digital Monkey


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January 26 2007


March 14, 2007 at 2:24 PM CET


Paul Prior

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