I Am an Exit - Envelop remixes

Brendan Gregory has had quite a year. His lasted installment is under "I am an Exit" entitled "Envelop" and is a deep atmospheric affair with an array of remixes on ever impressive Irish label SeedyR.

First up on remix duty is Brendan himself under his Chymera guise. As is his style, this mix encapsulates the now with a minimal percussion and baseline that sticks in your subconscious like Velcro to a knitted jumper. A beautiful array of synthesized melody oscillating throughout keeps this one interesting.

Next up on remix duty is Asciinoid whose recent album has been well received on the same label. This is the most up-tempo affair of the three driving like a high speed train over flat terrain. The atmosphere created paints a picture with a brush of reverb-ed pads nicely augmented with a filtered melody.

The Corrugated Tunnel remix is a more down tempo affair. Armed with a 909 drum kit it's warm and welcoming, hinting subtly towards the alternative mixes. Stationary pads are nicely places with a crescendo melody line keeping interest. One for the warm up sets. Corrugated tunnel never fails to impress.

I Am an Exit - Envelop remixes


SeedyR Recordings




February 28 2007


March 14, 2007 at 2:16 PM CET


Paul Prior

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