Johan Chatkowski - Drug Therapy

Irish staple Monad has been slowly gaining momentum with a constantly improving artist roster over the last year. The latest by Johan Chatkowski entitled "Drug Therapy" fits the bill perfectly.

The original mix is a progressive, driven example of peak time tunage not totally unlike Chus and Cebellos productions of old with its tribal and hat driven percussion line encompassing an acidic baseline. Lovely blawchord stabs accent a finely balanced mix.

Pete Lunn is no stranger to us all and offers an excellent alternative to the original. A loser but fatter percussion line greets the avid listen with a subtle enveloped dubbed baseline. Pete keeps the stabs from the original and offers a filtered vocal to keep it interesting.

The LoVac remix is noticeably rawer than the other mixes and some would be forgiven for thinking the kick has too much high end. However, as the mix progresses it transforms into a subtle, atmospheric and down right dirty array of grooved percussion and filtered baseline slowly working its way into a more subliminal arrangement. One for the warm up sets but equally as offering as the alternative mixes.

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Johan Chatkowski - Drug Therapy


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March 15 2007


March 14, 2007 at 2:11 PM CET


Paul Prior

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