GU 030 Paris - Nick Warren

An artist presentation for Nick Warren would take probably double the space of this article, so it's useless to start speaking of everything this DJ meant to house music throughout the years. Being a true partner to the Global Underground foundation right from the start, he mixing the 30th edition of the GU: City series doesn't come quite as a surprise. Haven't heard a mix for quite some time now, I didn't really knew what to expect from this album. Did Nick Warren stay true to his unique progressive style? DHad he evolved on the electro-tech note that's so popular nowadays? I popped the discs in and waited to see.

If anyone remembers the GU024 mixed in Reykjavik, then the first disc won't come as something strange, hearing a down-tempo mix in a GU series. It starts moody and atmospheric with SPACE GYPSIES – "AFTER, a Balearic-like song which gets the vibe right in and sets the layer for what's next to come. Nice piece for a lounge-like chill out mood. It continues nicely with TRIPSWITCH - STRANGE PARALLELS, a really eased-up song that could very easily rock you to sleep. Beat comes back with AUDIOGLIDER - ZUSAMMENALLIEN, a very melodic and dreamy piece of work, which is so nostalgic and sweet it almost makes you want to cry. Very nice job here by selecting this one. NOVE – SEDATIVES follows up with a breaky rhythm and infused sounds, uplifting a bit the mix, but showing nothing new really, it's just a pass-by tune in my opinion. However, it does the job, being a true down-tempo melody, which falls right into place on this CD. The set marches on with AUDIOGLIDER – WHISKERS, a guitar ibiza-ean track, which also features vocals. It sounds pretty good and keeps the note of the first songs. The mixing for the track to follow is horrific and does no honor for Mr. Warren, as we pass to JOEY FEHRENBACH- BEING AROUND YOU, a nice tune that kind of remembers me of Chicane 7, 8 years ago. It's all beach style with JUSTIN ROBERTSON - REVTONE (ULRICH REMIX), and that's not bad at all, but it's kind of monotonous and quite out of place. TRIPSWITCH - ROLL YOUR OWN sounds like music from a movie, but again us find vocals, and that saves a bit of this mix-CD; also atmospheric samples here and a lot of them. You might find this interesting. Moving on, CATES AND DPL - LIVING IN A brings that sooooo out-of-fashion guitar, and it gets me thinking that chill out music isn't quite as it used to be, it's all come down to very boring tracks, and the same old clichés; not very nice in my opinion. AURTURUS- LONELY PLANET contradicts me though. Very cool song, sounds even a bit dancy, probably preparing us for the second disc of GU030. So does the last tune, JOEY FEHRENBACH- BEHOLD, which is again a great piece of work. These last two tunes really save a lot of the already shattered appearance of this mix-cd.

GU 030 Paris - Nick Warren


Global Underground




February 20 2007


February 5, 2007 at 12:39 PM CET


Mihai Dumitrescu

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