Shaka - The Comming

Since the arrival of the mysterious Soulmate producer in the late 90's, and the now legendary 'Alien Entertainment EP' on Intec 05, it has been a real pleasure to follow the work of Swiss born Sam Geiser (aka Deetron). However, over the last 2 years his imagination as Deetron has propelled him to a higher level as a techno innovator, matched only by contemporary producers of the quality of Holland's Joris Voorn and the practising legends of Detroit.

Crucially Geiser's elevation has been facilitated by a sublime talent for flexibility and experimentation. And this new remix on Morris Audio presents yet another aspect of his diversity.

His reinterpretation of 'The Coming' jacks and skips along in a deep tech house format that has become the Morris Audio trademark over its 50 release history. But Deetron's attempt contains an added depth and a hint of early Chicago influence. The groove is unlike anything that we have heard from him before and is dangerously hypnotic until some familiar and frankly superb Motor City components punctuate the late break.

The original version, courtesy of another Swiss producer called Shaka, is a great house record with nice acidic touches. Shaka (real name Kurt Spichiger) has a rich musical background and it certainly shows on Morris Audio's latest release, and this display promises much for his forthcoming Corner Records. But nevertheless it cannot compete with the quality of a modern master at work on the flip.

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Shaka - The Comming


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January 22 2007


February 5, 2007 at 8:19 AM CET


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