Crackdown - Sensoria

Its not often I go back into the vaults and review a track thats being doing the rounds for a couple of months. In the case on Sensoria I just couldn't resist. Blufin have been slowly making name for themselves with an emphasis on originality of arrangement with originality of sound.

The original mix of Sensoria is so fresh its spearmint, right down to the mastering and mix down. A frantic mix of electro-influenced synths on a non-genric drum line makes for interesting listening, the arrangement constantly changing to keep you totally hooked. A true definition of the word forward-thinking.

Politic Velvet is a little more high highbrow than expected, considering Sensoria but theres' no denying its' quality of production. Reminiscent of many a chart success it encapsulated high pitched electro stabbing synths with a typical bouncy baseline that will certainly appeal to the dance floor.

The Kolombo remix of Sensoria is one for the minimum maximum lovers out there and is a lovely contrast to the original mix. A stripped down alternative take on the main melody, it squelches like wet shoes on on a wooden floor. This is nicely complimented by a grooving drum line accented by ever-changing delays and reverbs.

Crackdown - Sensoria




BF 018


December 18 2006


January 22, 2007 at 1:15 PM CET


Paul Prior

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