Lophi - Fortune Hunters EP

Mermaids In Space, what a great name for a label. So much so that I was immediately drawn to finding out exactly what they sound like, and I liked it. Fortune Hunters contains three tracks for your aural pleasure so lets get to it, shall we...

"The Real Sensation" is stuck somewhere between Jesse Rosse, Dave Brennan and My Oizo and reminds me of the James Zabiela of old. Cut up samples and a walloping baseline make for an interesting sound, grooving like a frantic mother trying to find a lost child. The high pitched synths sets this off well and the low-fi drum lime suits the overall sound.

"Fortune Hunter" creates a well throughout atmosphere with its usage of both break and 4&4 baselines, you'll have drum samples coming from every panned space available. Its sparingly usage of bass and a heavily delayed, almost industrial high line makes for a good warm track.

The aptly named "Jungle Krunch" is for you squish lovers out there and is the most minimal (in the modern sense) of the three. Its simple and repetitive, keeping it so low-fi you'd need a stethoscope to hear it. If that's your thing, this ones for you.

Lophi  - Fortune Hunters EP


Mermaids In Space Denmark


MIS 011


January 15 2007


January 22, 2007 at 1:11 PM CET


Paul Prior

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