Martinez - Restructured Layers

Martinez is a 25-year-old electronic music producer and DJ. Living in Deutcheland since 2000, he was born in Sweden. This determined him to give more time and energy to musical productions, so after a while he signed a contract with a record label from Chicago, Guidance. In January he will release the first compilation mixed at his own label, Out of Orbit Recordings.

The compilation 'Restructured Layers' was characterized as „ a mega mix from the label's catalogue, for all those who want to listen to our music in a more comfortable way, without buying vinyls".

Compared as technique to the DE9 of Richie Hawtin, this CD mix made by Martinez is an interesting pass through different musical styles and different artists who have worked with him. The CD is basically techno music, with its derivates, but at a certian time it arrives at progressive house and electro. The mix starts with Phil Stumpf and the track Borderline, and quickly continues with Synergetic from Willie Graff & Kyle Errison. The tracks flow one after another and there are many times when two tracks are played in the same time. Martinez has very well chosen the music, one of his criteria being the structure. For this compilation, he came with three tracks of his own, Chordripper, Eternal Mind and Minimal Deepness. It is hard to take a track out from the track list, because this compilation is more of an experiment than a simple DJ set. At a certain moment we discover a few sequences from Trentemoller famous track Beta Boy, or from Felix Houzer's "Mandolina".

Martinez - Restructured Layers


Out of Orbit Recordings


ORB CD 001


January 12 2006


January 8, 2007 at 11:48 AM CET


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