Marc Houle - Bay of Figs

Marc Houle is one of the representative artists of M-Nus Records, lead by Richie Hawtin. After so many DJs which go for minimal techno, tech-house and eletro have played tracks from his album „Restore", Marc Houe cames Back at M-Nus with a new double Vinyl, valled „Bay of Figs".

Bay of Figs has 9 tracks on two vinyls. The first disc has 5 tracks, on side A being Bay Of Figs and Stacks and Stacks. The techno and minimal sound feels like home on this double LP, the synths characteristic to Marc Houle and a playful rhythm. Side B of the first disc is more melodic, brings in front happier elements. Here we find Thirds In Trees and Fat Cat. Fat Cat is one of the massive productions of this LP, a slow techno. But still very strong. The other disc opens with Edaname, a simple production, but very suggestive. The melodic line changes once in a while and is composed typically to the minimal techno sound. An A mark track, in which the creativity and the originality are part of the production. You don't even know when it starts and when it ends, but I always have the feeling that I want to listen to these loops again. Lachs and Manager show the talent to manipulate sound with layers and filters, but having a sweet rhythm.

With Bay of Figs, Marc Houle shows that he has an important word to say on the international mininal scene. As for M-Nus they go on woth the impressive productions we are used to.

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Marc Houle - Bay of Figs


M-Nus Records




September 2006


January 7, 2007 at 3:50 PM CET


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