Jeff Samuel - Step

Jeff Samuel comes from Washington. After a few excellent productions, it is time for a real album, available on CD, but on vinyl also. This is "Lost. We will talk a little about the vinyl. It has 9 tracks and it is released at Trapez and it is for sure that a big part of it will go around the world and get in many DJs' cases.

Off the Mark is one of the melodic tracks of this album, full of passion and of vibe in the same time. Those Were the Days seems to be the track that Jeff based on, being a melodious techno, full of life and with a nostalgic air. Right Then And There is a sweet tech-house that makes you move without realizing. Month 2 Month has nothing to do with Matthew Dear's production, it is totally different, but not less qualitative. The CD has 11 tracks of which 5 are different production from the ones from the LP. To be mentioned I Think They Are Trying To Say Something and Power Ballard.

Even if some tracks are incomplete, there are others which are full, so over all, this new material is very well received and will surely receive all the credit it deserves.

Jeff Samuel - Step






November 2006


January 7, 2007 at 3:40 PM CET


Beat Factor

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