James Holden - The Idiots Are Winning

Border Community is one of the few record labels that managed to go from underground to mainstream. Some say taht it releases a ratjer commercial music, others blame the excentri side of the sound. It is also said that it produces very rarely, so that the music has time to go around the world, and only after that another material is released. In between, James Holden's record label, Border Community, has reached its second album, produced by the boss himself.

If we take a look at the tracklist, we'll see 10 tracks very different one from another, which can surely make a Holden's fan become curious to see what's hidden behind the sintagme „The idiots are winning". But a true holden's fan has at least 4 or 5 DJ sets (dosen't matter if they are legal or not) and knows pretty well what kind of music plays Holden. This is why when a fan listens to the album for the first time, will see that there's only one play he doesn't know. The rest are tracks that Holden has played many times in his sets. A thing to blame? Yes, but not totally.

I'd say that „The idiots are winning" is a very good markting trick. Since the tracks are gathred along the time and put together in a material, practically this album brings nothing new. Lump was officially included in the Cd mix Suck My Decks of Damian Lazarus in July 2005. After that Intentionally Left Blank can't be considered an offense to the listeners, since the track contains two empty sounded minutes. Still, there are some very strong elements that rise a lot this album. Idiot and Idiot Clapsolo, two different tracks which have a lot of melodic elements in common. This is how Holden becomes known as "the king of pixies"; the rhythm is sort of slow, but the atmosphere from these tracks is overwhelming – subtle, extravagant, the sound in "Idiot" is very characteristic to Holden at this time. 10101 is another very good track of this album, bringing a sweet melodic line. It is a very good track to listen at home. Besides the other interludes and DJ tools, another track we can talk about is Colduroy, a mixture of melodic lines, grooves and a fascinating bass and kick put together.

James Holden - The Idiots Are Winning


Border Community




December 2006


January 7, 2007 at 3:33 PM CET


Beat Factor

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