Fabric 32 - Luke Slater

Luke Slater offers a glimpse of his unique live sets, including some of the best established techno producers at the moment. The Fabric mix series becomes more and more as a point of reference, not only because it's about the famous London club, but also because lately the artists featured makes part from the new wave of non-mainstream talents.

With Colin Zyskowski, Tres Demented, Marcus Lange and many others, the mix features some techno and minimal techno records played as we speak. Luke Slater has been involved in music for almost 27 years by now. Seems a lot of time, but the tracks selection will prove Luke's affluent experience. If you dig into the mix, you'll find some very current and trendy productions such as Audion's Mouth to Mouth, Here by Raudive, but also undiscovered tech-house tunes like Colin Zyskowski with the track For the Asking, or Sleeparchive and Transposition Reverse, even Switch - A Bit Patchy (Club Mix). Luke Slater has also featured on this mix two of his recent works, Organ Bender (Alone At The Altar of Twisted Souls Mix) and She Showed Me Heaven. The mix flows cursively, but the fact that was recorded live can be felt on some points. The beat matching is not excellent on every track, thing which you don't really hear on Fabric compilations. It's nothing serious, but a delicate ear can feel it.

Fabric 32 - Luke Slater


Fabric Records




February 2007


January 7, 2007 at 12:22 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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