John Digweed - Transitions 2

No matter what people say, Digweed is still on the forefront of dance music. Why do I say still? Because the minimal invasion brought a wagon of non talented copies which load up the dance music scene. Meanwhile, Digweed remained devoted to his home Bedrock, his Transition show and Kiss 100 radio show too, and played almost every weekend somewhere on the planet.

A proof of his intense activity is Warung Beach EP on Bedrock, and recently his second volume of Transition, a mix compilation which includes some unsigned music as well as crushing singles from the last months. Digweed never fails to impress, and still he didn't fail with this album.

Released on the legendary Renaissance, this compilation features some great works from Abyss, Antena, Guy Gerber amongst others. The mix starts with a "Digweed cheeky edit" for the track Mind games from Abyss, and continues with the same producer and the track The Dreamer, a cool stand-out track. It starts with tech-house and goes to some cool electro house filtered with progressive. The tracklist leans towards burgeoning artists and a smattering of German tech-house types. The compilation includes besides a fresh sound, some outstanding exclusive tracks, such as 'Digital Memories' from Guy Gerber, the Joakim mix of the track Camino Del Sol by Antena, the peaceful mix from Guy Gerber to Chaime and the track Dana. See the tracklist for details.

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John Digweed - Transitions 2






January 29 2007


January 3, 2007 at 9:32 PM CET


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