Tony Thomas - Cubic LP001

Tony is now well established in the dance music scene as one of the main purveyors of tribal, tech and electro house music. With well over 200 productions to his name and countless remixes on many major labels, Tony has no intention of slowing down yet. Tony now runs 9 record labels covering all the house music styles plus a pure techno and a totally Chilled out label too for the more ambient sounds.

This LP starts in force with Electrical, a driving lil' break beat piece with electro synths all around and a catchy vocal. However the electro sampling is far too exaggerated at certain places. A good track though, nevertheless its annoying sound. Following up, Plazma, takes us a bit into the minimalist universe with very interesting samples from different areas of electro. Reminds me of a not-so-good production from the likes of Steve Angello & co. but it's still driving and suitable for the club. The third track is more to my liking, it's called Extrapolate and it has that certain "static beat" of progressive in it, and over it very well chosen electrical synths. But its bass line it's the strong point here, rolling over and over again, bringing new and new sounds with every passing second. Great one this, Mr. Thomas! Next is Extreme, another track that i enjoyed, very housey at its nature, very dancy, a good tune for those hot summer nights of 2007. This is indeed a futuristic house song, made very well, reworked til it gets the best form it could. Nice crescendos, nice beat, very good bassline again. Two thumbs up! The fifth song, Growth, comes in electrical and decided, breaking the tribal-like end of Extreme, but in a good way, continuing the wicked bass-lines that were rolling from the start. It's a decent tune, quite common, but that doesn't mean i wouldn't dance to it in the club. Next stop is Kingkong, a weird tune which has a repetitive sample that keeps flowing and some extremely electrified synths over, which could have easily been absent. But, just like the other tracks, although it has bad parts, i wouldn't call it a bad song. On the contrary, I would call it a good one. Up to come, Passion, a definitive progressive house tune, hard and static, which keeps on coming, each minute more faster, more stronger, more in there. This I presume will become floor filler in the next 3 months. Fantastic... everything. My personal choice of the album. Acid Fever is a little tribal piece, quite dirty and quirky, with chaotic vocals, that keeps on rising and rising. This is a very good song again; housey and catchy which will sure make the delight of the likes of Fair, Masiello & co. Next, Predator gets down to electro at its best, and shows no mercy on the bass. Once again, Tony Thomas outstands by making indeed DANCE MUSIC. This album was not intended to be listened at home or on your mp3 player, that's for sure. Very nice tune indeed this one. Silicont follows in a harder manner, and it falls really out of place here, with it's strange techno-ish beat. Sizzler is a tune that is as minimal as it is catchy. Lovely little samples over haunting vocals, this is house brought at one of its more not shown faces, but it will surely represent the progression for the year to come. Another hard piece comes in, Skipper, but if you'll listen it carefully it will surely get to you. At least the vocal, over a powerful progressive electric bass which again holds the tune altogether. The final tune is Wibble Wobble, a nice electro-tech melody to end a quite amazing album. Very lovely synths, intriguing atmospheric samples and eased-up drums that sound tribal-ish and minimal at the same time.

Tony Thomas - Cubic LP001


Cubic Records




December 7 2006


December 19, 2006 at 9:44 PM CET


Mihai Dumitrescu

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