Antonelli Electr. - Kimbo EP

This is the second release on Level records from the talented producer Antonelly Electr. Kimbo EP is made up from four original tracks, most of them minimal house and deep house. With a fresh vibe and a sleepy mood, this EP is ready to conquer the listeners.

The EP starts with Shrinking, a rhythmic modulated warm chord-theme with an un-doubtful popappeal. Basically, this tracks is so sleepy that can hardly be played in a club. But it's perfect for an opening set or a late hour session. With many breakdowns, the rhythm has many ups and downs, and this makes it so special. Kimbo is a perfect track for deep minimal lovers, filled up with melody and passion. It is continuous, peaceful and sweet, just like the music for going to rest.

It has been noticed from the first release that Level doesn't make music for big crowds, they don't focus on big hits releases, but calculated and complicated tunes. Lex Beaux Arts provides some abstract bass lines with many low riffs, while Wood Turns Electric is the closing track from this EP, the deepest track featured here. As the Level crew says, it is build around an acoustic bass line and carried by the gentle chords. It's so deep that can almost be confused with a downtempo tune; maybe this was the main idea behind it.

No matter how, Level has reached the eight release, providing one more time some astonishing music.

Antonelli Electr. - Kimbo EP


Level Records




December 2006


December 18, 2006 at 5:44 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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