Jesse Rose - Didn't I

Berlin based DJ and producer Jesse Rose made his debut on Get Physical with a full release; a three track EP, consisting in two edits by himself and a remix from Mathew Dear aka Audion.

Original mix is a driving house tune, continuous but with a few boring stops, but certainly a good track for opening a set. One little thing which doesnt really git the rest of the track is the vocal.

But there's Jesse´s made to play edit which gets out of the dark, with a more bright and jazzy rhythm, but keeping some elements from the original version. One big track that saves this EP is Audion's remix, one solid construction with a deep bass line. Not to mention thta Mathew Dear is definitely the man of the moment, with so many tracks on the pipeline. So, this really should be enjoyable for minimal fans, but if you desire for some more house, cool and sexy, the previous edits would work just excellent.

Not the first track ever signed on Get Physical Music, Jesse Rose made a great remix to the 'Vejer EP' a few months ago, original produced by Heidi & Riton. It's a bit surprising how these two tracks are not as good as that remix was, but we surelly have to wait for some many other interesting things coming up.

Jesse Rose - Didn't I


Get Physical Music


GPM 059


December 2006


December 18, 2006 at 3:25 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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