Deepak Sharma - Boogaloo, Brooklyn 3:23 P.M.

Compiled and mixed by New York-based Deepak Sharma and culled from some of the best minimal techno and tech-house labels in the world, this disc is (as the liner notes accurately explain), trippy head music, perfect for coming down after a long night or listening to in the car on the journey home.

The mix starts pretty eased-up, with a nice melodic song form Christian Kleine, entitled Remix Eines Liedes Von Marc Marcovic. You will see that there are no well-known names here, just pure underground, really technological tunes, with a very special feel to them all together. This first track has incoherent voices over a slow kick drum and some piano-like samples that give it a sad sound. Following up, it's Skua Lovelle with The Morris Jesup Rise, a nice minimalist piece that flows in perfect harmony through the set, bringing beat and even more feeling; a very cool melody this one. The third installment comes from Sten, it's called Eccentric and gets deeper into the mix, it's minimal samples are very dreamy and mushy, it's almost a chill-out track. The beat is finally on with Sami Koivikko and his Rakkaus Pakkaus, a banging techy piece with various sounds all included in it, to give the song the originality it needs to be on this album. Soon to come, it's Inaqui Marin and Unnarmed, which gets the tempo down again, but in a very nice manner, this being a fantastic little piece to dance to. Mikel Underground - Buscandio Sitio doesn't quite flow after the last melody, and it may have been better off put elsewhere in the mix. Nevertheless, it's still a good tune; it just doesn't keep the already established rhythm of this compilation. Fortunatley, the next one, coming from Laplaceausoleil and called Cherchez Moi really sets the beat like it was before; bringing dreams back to our minds and unnamed feelings to the heart. Very moody, very deep, very melodic, it's subtle trumpet sample and the crescendo gets the job done beautifully. Oliver Hacke and his 21:31 strike further with a repetitive beat and some interesting new sounds, creating an unique atmosphere in the set. Again tech sounds at their best.

Deepak Sharma - Boogaloo, Brooklyn 3:23 P.M.


Dee Vee





December 7, 2006 at 4:47 PM CET


Mihai Dumitrescu

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