Audiofly X - 4 Play

Audily is the project of the two DJs and producers, Luca Saporito si Anthony Middleton. Their new release from Get Physical brings three tracks with a more minimal sound, if we analyze their previous productions.

4 Play is the A side track, a tech-house with minimal elements, featured on an original sound. The track sounds good at home; it has that atmospheric air, very evolved and unleashing a powerful energy through the bass. On the B side two more tracks wait for the crowd; Are We There Yet delivers good techno elements on a remiss and pleasant rhythm, while Cold Light of Day is a bit more dynamic, but maybe the most creative less track. The strange rhythm it's a hybrid between many electronic music styles, which definitely can be remarkable in a club session.

Audiofly started to get away from their sound from a few good month back. This duo is no doubt one of the hottest and busy duos at the moment. This EP should definitely be taken in consideration if you're haunting quality electronic music.

Audiofly X - 4 Play


Get Physical Music


GPM 060


November 22 2006


November 30, 2006 at 4:22 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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