Moonbeam - Forgotten Feeling (the remixes)

The Moonbeam project started in 2003, being founded by two Russian brothers, Pavel and Vitaliy. They have always excelled with their productions throughout the years, being signed to various labels across Europe and having developed 3 personal labels, Moonbeam Digital, Moon Tribal and Disoma. Their tracks are being played by the likes of Digweed, Sasha, The Flash Brothers and many more.

Pavel Khvaleyev Remix:
Electro to its core, this song hasn't got too much to offer, a trancy sound all to it, with a repetitive vocal, over a "much-too-aggressive" electro bass line, which really stands for nothing. But this would probably sound nice in an open-air festival i think. I did like the vocal, it's kind of catchy.

Vitaliy Khvaleyev Remix:
The second piece starts off more eased-up, a bit of minimal-tech in there, which sounds pretty great. Sampling is extremely inspired, aquatic and bleepy sounds all in till the bass line gets the groove on. Next to the middle we find minimal electro at its best, with fantastic sounds all coming in together to give this one a certain charm which, unfortunately, the first one lacks totally. So, a 10 and a 5 add up to an 8 for this single. Watch out for the second tune, it's awesome!

Moonbeam - Forgotten Feeling (the remixes)


Moonbeam Digital




November 2006


November 28, 2006 at 10:03 AM CET


Mihai Dumitrescu

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