Dan Berkson - People

If you were missing those oldies but goodies electronic sounds including robots, Star Wars, Martians, old sounds with an old disco touch, well Dan Berkson and his brand new 'People" EP out on Saw will definitely give you a glimpse of what electronic disco music it represented before and what is now.

The original mix is sweet, so cheery and filled up with life. It is a fantastic opportunity to remember how music was before and to see the transformations that has been making into it. This track has an old and classic sound, but the kick patterns are so real and fit perfect with the great robo-synths.

As for the dub mix, this is slower, as every dub has to be, but I'm pretty sure everybody will go out for the original mix. The dub is better in club sessions, but the original is great anywhere.

Not only the music, but most of all the entire idea that Dan Berkson had and was sustained by the Saw Recordings management it's great. This Ep can be called progressive, tech-house, electro or even just house, it's still some really good music which hides very special moments.

Dan Berkson - People


Saw Recordings




November 20 2006


November 12, 2006 at 5:03 PM CET


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