40 OZ - Extension Cord / Tight Lip

40 OZ is Chris Fortier's new music project, producing under this alias a brand new electronic industrial music. After the first release on 40OZ (the label), 40OZ (the producer) hits the shelves for the end of this year with two new tracks, 'Extension Cord' and 'Tight Lip'.

The first track is Extension Cord, a very intense tech-house with deep influences of progressive and techno and whatever you want to call this. It is hard to include this new musical approach of Fortier, since his new 40OZ has delivered until now just two releases. This track has a solid substance if we speak about the composition from the rhythm pattern, but it transforms into something strange and abstract if we analyze the melodic line. Anyways this can be considered not much but interesting, so take your risks to play it in a club session,

As for Tight Lip, this second production is weaker than the first one, it starts with progressive in the kick pattern and goes into a kind of minimal and tech-house with the bizarre synths.

40OZ is definitely a new side of Chris Fortier, new ideas and visions upon music in order to be featured under a totally different name and record label and everything.

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40 OZ - Extension Cord / Tight Lip


40 OZ


40OZ 002


November 2006


November 12, 2006 at 4:43 PM CET


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