Chris Fortier - Despegue (remixes)

In the past few months Fade Records has thrown away some cool remixes from older releases, so this happened to the 'Despegue' package too. This track was highly praised two years back and now it's time that he includes some fresh remixes. It is quite late? Better later than never.

The Fractal remix consists of a electro house tune, with solid bass line and a heavy groove in order to make a fat track for the DJs to play it in the club. Fractal also delivered an ambient version which is calm and peaceful, in order to satisfy just for a bit the different musical tastes. As for 40 OZ remix, this is definitely the best production from this three track EP, a continuous and strange remix that has almost nothing to do with the classic Despegue track.

Fade Records made its presence felt in 1993, and since then Chris Fortier made it release some memorable material which unfortunately left behind during the time. On the one hand it's a really good idea to maintain fresh some tracks from a few years back, but on the other hand this can be taken as a disadvantage for the record label, since the audience is always expecting for new fresh musical stuff; including here producers and music styles.

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Chris Fortier - Despegue (remixes)


Fade Records




December 2006


November 12, 2006 at 4:31 PM CET


Dragos R

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