Tonepushers – Daydreamer (re-remixes)

'Life is such a dream...' – this male vocal can't be forgotten that easy. Especially if it comes into a fresh remix from new up and coming producers, like Jesse Somfay and Royal Sapien. Tonepushers means Joe Silva and Ali Khan, and their 'Daydreamer' has been pushing forward the borders of dance music a few years back. Well, Fade is coming up with some hot new remixes.

The first one is Jesse Somfay, and extraordinary capable producer, who last year has been releasing a great artist album. His remix is sweet, kind of a techy progressive with gentle cuts of house. Basically the vocals are doing everything on this remix, since the melodic line is the basic one, even if it's superposed on different rhythms. The main elements are making a track memorable, and the remix is the actual adaptation to the public.

The second remix comes from a Fade Records producer, Royal Sapien on his real name Ben Mautner. His tune consist of a progressive track, but at some given moments its getting transformed into a tech-house, so the style becomes quite confusing. Anyway, it's not such a good remix as Jesse did, but can definitely catch some good listens.

If anybody was forgetting the classic Daydreamer, this new two track EP can make you remember some really cool vocals and melodies.

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Tonepushers – Daydreamer (re-remixes)


Fade Records


FD 044 XR


December 2006


November 12, 2006 at 4:24 PM CET


Dragos R

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