Alex Smoke - Sci Fi Hi Fi volume 3

The latest edition of Soma's Sci-Fi-Hi-Fi mix series is coming from Alex Smoke, who released his debut album "Paradolia" in March and follows on from the first two Sci-Fi-Hi-Fi releases by Ewan Pearson and Luciano. With this third mix CD on the Sci Fi Hi Fi series on Soma, Alex delivered a 19 continuous in the mix tracks, gathering a gentle and smooth tracks selection.

Opening the mix with a great break beat pattern combined with a downtempo atmosphere, the mix introduces a deep house tune with Model 500 and the track M69 Starlight. It has already being said for many times that Alex Smoke is a guy who delivers some outstanding beats, going into a deep minimal mind area but without being featured in the 'minimal wave brotherhood'. With Gayser's remix for 25 Bitches originally produced by Troy Pierce, the mix gets a dark shape, but soon turns into a deep house too and tech-house later. By the half of the mix the listeners can enjoy some of the best deep house tracks, smooth and dreamy, coming from artists such as Stewart Walker VS Theorem, Add Noise or The Vision. From the second half the mix gets more electro and some electronica-break-beat, and turns down to minimal techno great track by Musica Charlista. It is quite hard to say what's the best part of this mix, since there it slows down at a given moment, but a few minutes later it goes faster and energetic once again. At the end of the compilation we can hear two productions from mister Smoke himself, Pingu and a bit later Always And Forever. It all goes down when 2000 and One gets out of the scene, taking away some rough techno synths.

Soma Records is definitely one of those record labels that have a strong word to say in the dance music scene. With this new installment on the much acclaimed series, the protagonist played with the sounds as much as he could, in order to maintain the music fresh and to offer a good audition to the listeners. Maybe not that cursive as the previous two mixes, this is what people should expect from a DJ mix by Alex Smoke.

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Alex Smoke - Sci Fi Hi Fi volume 3


Soma Records




November 6 2006


November 12, 2006 at 3:29 PM CET


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