Yoshitoshi Ibiza - Mixed by Miss Nine

Miss Nine, or else ex-model Kristin Schrot, moved at the tender age of 16 from Germany to Holland, in order to pursuit her love for electronic music, which grew faster and bigger than the one for modeling. In 2003 she had her breakthrough mixing on Queensday in Amsterdam, on the Red Bull boat, and receiving a residency at the famous Motion parties, where she played near names like Digweed, Seaman or Nick Warren.

At the end of the year she started mixing abroad, her top gig being the appearance at Dance Valley. In 2005 she joins the likes of Deep Dish (with whom she is on tour iven now) or Nic Fanciulii, hitting Space Miami, Pacha Ibiza, Crobar New York and many more. While enduring this exhausting tour schedule, Miss Nine still works fulltime as model for Elite. She is also the first female dj to mix a Yoshitoshi compilation. And, featuring some of the biggest names in the Yoshitoshi family such as Behrouz, Sultan, Dean Coleman, Eddie Amador, PQM, what a compilation it is.

The mix:
Taking a first look at the track listing, I know exactly what to expect. Sweet deep progressive house, just like the first track, Sultan's No why, featuring vocals from Zara, a beach-like housey song, cheerful and simple, with catchy lyrics and a static 4/4 beat. The first "classic" soon follows the exquisite tune from 16B feat. Morel, Escape (Driving to Heaven) the Ignas Remix, reworked for 2006, sampling Creamer & K's remix of Yoko Ono' I Will (the fragments are easily to recognize for a progressive music listener). Anyway, the remix sounds nice, it keeps a strong grip on the mix, and the vocals... well, and we all know those sweet dreamy vocals. A turning point in the album is the third track, Anarcrusan's In My Mind (M.A.S. Arcadia Mix), a poor choice some may say, a solid one, after me. It's again a known song, which has that vibe to keep you dancing over and over again no matter what. Good job with this one Missy! Another "classic" soon follows; it's none other than PQM with his immortal You Are Sleeping, the PQM Meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass, and a sample of what New York progressive really stands for. The australian's mix gives it a nice moody vibe, but i guess words are useless, i'm trusting everyone is familiar with this great piece. Miss Nine comes in with her own Everlasting, the Dub Version, a surprisingly good track, very dark and techy, rhythmic and melodic.

Never would have expected a sound so well-defined from this young girlie-girl. It's uplifting and has a strong feel to it overall. My respects! Cuba Computers - Haunting Me (Behrouz Remix) comes in, giving the true pace of the album. Well now, we all know Behrouz and how cool his sound can be, but this piece tops it all in my opinion. Just house, interesting samples and a really powerful beat to make the spinal cord of this mix a really dignifying one. 16 Bit Lolita's - Chuck Nology leaves me speechless. Well, their productions always do, but this one is absolutely magnificent, very driving, just in their unique style. Great job from these two Jordanian boys.

Suite 117 - Smaller (Original Deflect Mix) is again a nice one, some minimal samples in there if i'm not mistaking, but don't get me wrong, nothing of that suffocating Berlin stuff that we hear of more and more these days. Good vocals, good vibe, great samples. A bit breaky, a bit housey, it's all in there; this track gives a little bit of everything. With Sam Perez & Dariush - Across The Ocean (Dean Coleman Dirty by Design Remix) it's time again for progressive to take its righteous tribute. And by God, how it does. This tune is clearly my choice of the disc, its samples turning me inside out; it has a certain feel to it that only great songs do. I predict a major club-play for this one, from all the top prog jocks out there (the ones which are left).

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Yoshitoshi Ibiza - Mixed by Miss Nine






September 12 2006


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