Pak & Vak - Vampire Eyes / Vision

Disoma Records brings up the sixth installment, produced by the duo Pak & Vak, who previously made the 'Alchemist EP', on Disoma too. 'Vampire Eyes EP' is their latest package of track, including four massive productions, 'Vampire Eyes' and 'Vision'.

The original mix from Vampire Eyes got a massive support from DJs such as Jimmy Van M, who plays the track in almost every set that he makes. It is a really cool track, with a massive bass line and big electronic synths. As for the gothic mix, this version is a little bit more softer and deeper, but still features some of the heavy elements from the original. Electro with techno is what Pak & Vak are bringing on these two tracks, excellent to be played in a club session.

Vision is another great tune, electro bass line with massive kick ass rhythm. The Original mix is extremely massive; the electronic bass line is played almost continuously, while some nice melodic synths are composing a cool melody. The is more electro house with tech-house, and brings up some cool synths in the same melodic line, but raising them on a higher tonality. This is a sick tune for the dance floor, we could say, prepare for the driving grooves!

Pak & Vak - Vampire Eyes / Vision


Disoma Records




September 4 2006


November 10, 2006 at 1:54 PM CET


Dragos R

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