Moonbeam - Forgotten Feeling

Pavel and Vitaliy formed the Moonbeam project in 2003 and since then they started to produce music and had gigs under this alias. At the end of 2005 they formed Moonbeam Digital alongside with Oleg Kumagin, a record label with two sublabels, Disoma Records and Moon Tribal Records. This platform wants to release various music, but it is focused on tech-house and minimal productions.

The sixth package from Moonbeam Digital brings the 'Forgotten Feeling EP' whre Jeff Bennett contributed with a heavy kick ass remix. The original mix is deep and soft, going into a progressive tech musical area. It is accelerated by some percussion from time to time, but the vocals who sit perfectly have a good impact upon the track. Jeff Bennett tried to make a different rhythm, so the result was this tech-house groovy remix, with a dynamic electro sharp, in order to wake up the listeners. As always, Jeff delivers good beats and strong energy with his unique driving sound.

Moonbeam Digital differs in sound than the other two sublabels, on this one producing often the Moonbeam duo. A nice package of tunes, especially Jeff's remixes which deserve a listen.

Moonbeam - Forgotten Feeling


Moonbeam Digital




October 23 2006


November 9, 2006 at 10:05 AM CET


Dragos R

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