Ministry of Sound Sessions - Green Velvet vs Cajmere

Both Cajmere and Green Velvet are both monikers of none other than Alan Curtis Jones, the mastermind behind many house hits of the past 5, 6 years, such as La-La-Land, The bathroom or Answering machine. Mr. Jones goes back a lot, producing quality house music since 1991, and his tracks are still rocking dance floors all over the world. His sound blends so well into the whole Ministry of Sound concept that it comes as no surprise that he's been asked to mix the MOS Sessions, both discs showcasing two sides oh himself, one as Cajmere, the other as Green Velvet. So, let's get started!

Disc One – Cajmere

I have to say from the beginning that the first track of the album is clearly one of may favorite 2006 house pieces, the Cajmere feat. Dajae genius song called Say U Will. Blending in fabulous electrified samples, all in simplistic, pure style, as Cajmere used us to past the years, this one starts perfectly what is announcing to be a blast of an album. Easily in the mix comes in Old Man Groan with Jovonn, the Keyz Remix, a very housey song, bringing back that old school flavor back to our ears. Soon to follow a track which i didn't expect to sound the way it does judging by the names that are singing it. I'm talking about André Kraml Feat. Schad Privat - Safari (James Holden Remix). Quite minimal, but yet not so out there. House is style predominant and this one makes its way very nicely in the course of the mix. Cajmere Feat. Dajae come strong with another funkyfied production, Brighter Days (Underground Goodie Mix), giving pace and melody to the set. Anyway, a vocal album so far, but i don't mean that in a bad sense. Copyright Feat. Song Williamson - He Is (Ferrer & Sydenham Inc Vox Mix) continues the rhythm created by the previous track, uplifting funky vocals giving a summer feel to the whole sound. I would have expected something more progressive from Ferrer & Sydenham, but funk will do for this mix-CD. Moving on, Trouble Men's Crowd Control eases things down just to bring them banging up again. Ibiza-like samples, very Balearic, very simplistic, sounds just like house did 7 years ago when Ministry of Sound really released only quality stuff. Cajmere comes in once again with I Need U (Mark Grant Remix), and once again feat. Dajae, but this one sounds like the past tracks suspiciously much. I'm sorry to say that only Say U Will has something really special to it, the other productions being more common. We go on with Africanism Feat. Jeff Kellner - Ju Ju Beat, this being one of my favourite names in house today. And I'm not disappointed; the tune sounds great and feels even greater, it's a massive prog-like song, with a whole bunch of samples to satisfy various tastes for different styles of house music. After this it all stops for me and we move on to the only song that makes the difference in sound and starts another part of the mix. Mixed a bit pourly, it's the quality of this song that brings it all together. Kind of old, yet never out of fashion, it's the one and only Chab and his monster of a track Closer to me, featuring vocals from JD Davis, who's been so great this year. Oh yeah, this is house music for me, simply wonderful this song flows in through your senses instantly. It's a true "eyes shut" melody. After this we can sense an obvious rise of beat and pace in the mix, with Dj Gregory's S2, a driving tune, very progressive, very rough. Soon it's followed by Green Velvet Feat. Walter Phillips - Shake & Pop, a song that's so out of place here that i just want to skip to the next one. Beside being a weak production all in all, it sounds awful after the last two tunes which really gave sense to the whole mix. Sorry, Mr. Jones, this one sucks in my book. Playgroup Feat. KC Flightt - Front 2 Back- Remixes (Switch Remix) continues the note with bleepy sounds, minimalist house at its max, and it kind of ruins it for this first disc. However, the next one, again coming from Cajmere, feat. Walter Phillips, called Midnight, is seriously better, and rises up again the already ill pace coming from the past tow songs. Mark Grant Feat. Russoul - There For Me (Soul Bounce Vocal) is the next track, a very sensitive one, soulful and discreet, "the message" of the disc, if you may. Vocals to the maximum, just like in the last piece, Green Velvet Feat. Jamie Principle - Choice, a surprisingly good tune which sounds very nice, it's a progressive track, that ends the disc in a lively manner, weeping out the poor choice of songs from 20 minutes ago. And now, we're getting ready for the second disc...

Ministry of Sound Sessions - Green Velvet vs Cajmere


Ministry of Sound




November 6 2006


November 7, 2006 at 10:19 AM CET


Mihai Dumitrescu

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