Fuckpony - It's Only Music

The Fuckpony duo prepares a new single, this time taken from the debut artist album 'Children Of Love', out on Get Physical Music. The EP 'It's Only Music' features three tracks which encompasses the past, present and future of house music. After the first impressions, it might being said that these three tracks has many chances to conquer the public.

The first track has the same title as the entire EP and consists of a sweet and calm house tune, dotted with female vocals. And not only female, but also male vocals. Body Movement appears in the same cherry registry, presenting a funky side of house music, filled up with color and sound. The vocals are here too, but this time more discretely inserted, in order to let the jazzy melodic line to flow. The last track on the EP bring a very different sound; a kind of minimal house with acid techno grooves. Touch Me contains many dark elements from the house music, repetitive synths and a driving rhythm which makes you dance.

Get Physical imposes itself for quite a long time, creating already a brand and representing nowadays an authority on the dance music scene. So we expect some more up and coming materials; not the best EP people heard on this label, this should be rather be named a common release. Samim and Jay Haze should be giving out many surprises on their debut album.

Fuckpony - It's Only Music


Get Physical Music




November 13 2006


November 6, 2006 at 12:12 PM CET


Dragos R

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