Undulation 2 - Mixed by Audiofly

Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito are the hottest new boys on the block. Their combined talent has fostered productions on labels Low Pressings, Deleted Records, Jackit Records and SAW Recordings to name a few. The release of "Undulation 2" on SAW Recordings is Audiofly's first mixed compilation.

The mix begins in an eased-up manner, with electrified samples and a slow drum in the background, opening up for the 4/4 beat that soon comes in, giving this mix CD the pace announcing the things to come. It's of course Sebastian Roya's Compresion, a track that's gentle and yet strong at the same time, pushing a bit too fast in my opinion the start of a mix, but seeing it's only a one-disc album, it's suitable. The unique sound of Martin Buttrich comes in, quite powerful, building up the pressure with his Well Done piece, a track very original and melodic, minimizing samples to their very core, but keeping a dance-like atmosphere vibrating in the overall sound of the album. Kaliber 4 - A1 is the tune that really gets the house vibe in the set, beautifully blending in, insidious drums and kicks, over a "choked" bass line, all create a wicked track that leaves no room for dreamy-like samples or atmospheric synths. It's pure dance from this one. We continue with Audiofly X and Get Lost, so the boys are mixing their own material as we can see. Material which could of easily be left aside or put somewhere else in the set. It breaks down the peace created by the first pieces and unfortunately it's not that good of a track. Sorry boys! But we soon forget and forgive, because the next one does the job perfectly. It's A Vivanco and Maison Doiree, a catchy and driving tune with distorted vocals and bleeps on the background of a hard-like bass line and firm drums which have to give you the mood for bouncing around. Awesome one! Microdinamic – Thunder continues in a fantastic note what "A Vivanco" left behind, using smooth tribal drums and again, a fantastic bassline to rip off the headphones / speakers. Genius of a track, it changes rhythm so often you'd believe there are at least 4 different tunes in there. It's a pure proof that tribal samples in house tunes are not that out of fashion as it is said they are.
Layo & Bushwacka! - Less Is More. Not their very best, but a really technological track from this fantastic duo. Indeed, less is more is the style of this one, again minimal at its maximum or should I say minimum level. However, there's a certain dark feel to it, its deepness, something, that makes it sound good in the mix. "Audiofly X" comes out again showcasing their very own Cold Light Of Day, which is far better than "Get Lost", and I do stress FAR MORE. "Xpress 2 feat. Rob Harvey - Kill 100". This tune is fantastic, especially because it's a "Radioslave Remix". The way it follows a cheeky and simple bassline with its really uplifting minimized samples. The vocals are great indeed, very strange and "cold". Listened in the wrong atmosphere this track could very well be the perfect soundtrack for a suicide. We continue in the same strong deep note with San Lebowsky - Reducer 02", a minimal house tune to get the groove up a bit with a very precise and classical bass, and various aquatic samples. Again, the productions on this set aren't great in sound, but they sure are technological-friendly pieces of music. Nice one, and seeing that we're getting close to the "grand finale", i am expecting something original and powerful from these two djs. And that something arrives, in the person of Stefan Bodzin and his strong, dark, repetitive Cucuma. This may very well be my favorite track of the disc, its twisted rhythm leaving me speechless, and the way it always increases, with every change of pace. Absolutely great! The end shows two tracks, very moody, very atmospheric, "Sleeper Thief - Freefall" and "Rekleiner - Real Time". The first is a sample of house and techno, yes, the all-present techno that invaded everything today, couldn't miss here. It sounds good, but it could have sounded a whole lot better, without that deaf bass that got annoying after the first minute already. The last tune saves it all, a minimal house again, which reminds me of names like Booka Shade for instance. Really deep, really dark, really atmospheric, it concludes this rather well put together album.

Undulation 2 - Mixed by Audiofly


Saw Recordings




October 30 2006


October 23, 2006 at 3:02 PM CEST


Mihai Dumitrescu

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