Fuckpony - Get Pony

Samim and Jay Haze go on working their way through house music's past, using contemporary production skills. It's time to saddle up the pony and ride on to their next adventure. The new EP is released on the prestigious M.A.N.D.Y.'s own record label, Get Physical.

"Get Pony"
Minimalistic music fans will be pleased by this 12-inch, all the tracks being minimal to their very core, and bringing new and interesting sounds to our attention. Get Pony is a vocal piece, which has a certain flow, and it will surely sound great in a minimal-like warm-up mix. The samples used aren't something to die for, so this one is surely just for the fans. i noticed though the drums, which a certain tribal feel hidden deep under the minimal sound.

"Pony Pumper"
Reducing the sound even more, this second tune has also a haunting male voice over the dripping drums that practically create and sustain the whole track. It's a bit too static, but I'm sure minimal DJs will find it interesting, but mostly for radio mixes. It lacks power and rhythm unfortunately.

"Dawgs Life"
My personal choice off this disc, this one brings in a sound to dance to, very techy, very rhythmatic. It reminds me of Criss Source's Hugs'N'Kisses, but reduced and darkened. Nice samples on the background, all very different, from electrified synths to hi-hats and distorted vocals, it's all here. This one really saves the appearance, and manages to bring flow to an already much-saturated market of minimal releases.

Fuckpony - Get Pony


Get Physical Music




September 27 2006


October 17, 2006 at 9:13 AM CEST


Mihai Dumitrescu

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