Filterheadz - Blue Sky Happiness

Filterheadz are two talented brothers from Belgium - Bert and Maarten Wilmaers. Maarten wanted to be animal of the Muppet show and Bert was aiming at the age of 17 to be the fastest guitar player in the world. Their new EP called Blue Sky Hapiness is now available on Love Distortion, their own record label.

"Original mix"
Filterheadz always delivered when it came to their unique style of tech-prog-trance, but it seems that they reached their peak a long time ago and remained stuck in a sound that never changes. Blue Sky Happiness confirms that unfortunately. Although a well-constructed track, with nice synths and a strong melody, it doesn't offer anything really innovative in sound, and the elements taken from Yimanya are pretty obvious. So this original is a common track, which sounds good, but ordinary.

"No Clouds mix"
The second remix saves a bit the image of the tune, bringing in a fresh sound, trancier nevertheless, but pleasant to hear. Nice dripping sounds over a classic progressive beat, and uplifting samples that will surely make this one a much-played tune for the progressive artists out there. Vocals in the background, great tranced-out samples, this remix is far better than the original piece.

Filterheadz - Blue Sky Happiness


Love Distortion




October 2006


October 17, 2006 at 9:06 AM CEST


Claudiu Marinescu

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