Booka Shade - Darko 1 (Booka Shade meets hot chip mixes)

This is a new full package from the great Get Physical Music record label. The Darko 1 (Booka Shade meets hot chip mixes) by Booka Shade includes four edits, Booka's air tube mix, Booka's funk da funk mix, Hotchip's the sleepy karaoke mix and Hotchip's the Dream of Karaoke mix.

"Booka's air tube mix"
The track is in pure Booka Shade style, the very rhythmic minimized house taking over from the first synths, and upgrading itself over and over again, to the very high peak of the track. Nice bleepy sounds and atmospheric samples over drums that keep on rolling and a wicked bass line that leaves no room for other opinions other than: "this is an exquisite tune!"

"Booka's funk da funk mix"
Always changing, this remix takes us through a lot of subgenres of electro, including tribal pieces, minimal sounds and electrified tech at its very best. it's not a dance tune really, it's just a very worked-on piece, with different samples coming in with every minute, showing the true technological qualities of the Booka Shade duo, if we needed another confirmation.

"Hotchip's the sleepy karaoke mix"
Very atmospheric, very melodic, this would be great for a beach cafe, its chilling drums and drip-drip samples giving it a summery feel. The vocal is so weird, but it sounds pretty nice in according to the tune itself. Towards the end, the tune becomes dancer, building up to create a fantastic sound, truly unique and perfectly constructed.

"Hotchip's the Dream of Karaoke mix"
This is in essence a slower re-rub of the sleepy karaoke mix, with more of those beach-like, chilling beats, and a subtle breaky line close to the end. However, the drums remain there, also the wird vocal piece, but it's more of an eased-up track, alternative in sound, and amazing in its class. can't really put this remix in a genre, it has so many samples from so many places its hard to say when another part of the tune begins... or is it all a different song?

Booka Shade - Darko 1 (Booka Shade meets hot chip mixes)


Get Physical Music


GPM 056


October 2006


October 16, 2006 at 5:19 PM CEST


Mihai Dumitrescu

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