Lexdinamo vs. Gurtz - Sakis

Alphahouse Records introduces it's first sub label, Alphahouse Limited, with a groovy 3-track collaboration by South Americans Lexdinamo and Gurtz. The concept behind the Alphahouse Limited series is simple: if the music is good, release it to the world. No rules, no preconceived notions, no strict music policies, no release schedules. It's only another platform for artists to present their work, plain and simple.

In this first track, Sakis, the two up-coming producers united they're forces and created a track with an outer-space ride atmosphere created by some stellar sounds. A quite constant rhythm will force you to keep-up and don't stop. There are a lots of short loops nicely joined that add more quickness to the track.

The second track comes from Gurtz, that studied musical composition at University in Cordoba before moving to Buenos Aires where he now runs his Natural Media net label, a platform for the distribution of Argentinian and International electronic music and video art. Like I like is a dynamic minimal techno with a deep bass-line. The multitude of nicely arranged loops is found here too alongside a modulated female vocal sample.

On the other side we find Emulacion by Lexdinamo a producer from Cordoba, with a great release last year on the French label Karat: Buscando Respuestas. The track is powered by a full bass and lots of hi-hats. The sinister theme is created by the never-ending bell ringing and a male voice trying to escape.

The start is perfect for this new sub label and we appreciate the idea of promoting new talents, especially when they are really good.

Lexdinamo vs. Gurtz - Sakis


Alphahouse Records




November 10 2006


October 16, 2006 at 2:29 PM CEST


Vlad Vancia

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